North Vancouver custom kitchen built by Schulz Construction

The kitchen truly serves as the heart of almost every project Schulz Construction has completed on Vancouver’s North Shore.

We’ve done projects for budding- and nearly-professional chefs, and the details of this space are what make it shine.

As I approach the design of this space, the way people cook is a key.

Some people have scores of appliances, others are minimalists. The key questions I ask before designing a kitchen:

  • How many people are in the kitchen at once? Are there one or two chefs?

  • What are your must-have appliances? Steam oven? Induction?

  • What do you want to feel while working in this space? Inspired, relaxed, cozy?

From there, I recommend a design aesthetic and layout that makes functional use of the space. Ideally, a sink under a window; minimizing corners as they make it costly to kit out; ensure the range and heavier appliances are evenly balanced; that the island (if it’s possible to have one) has seating that encourages conversation or features a lovely view. Even better if we score both!

Designing enduring spaces is my jam.

I recommend well-wearing materials that will win the test of time. Materials that allow you to use your space as you want to.

One of the biggest designer fails is not having a true understanding of how people use their kitchens. For me, this space is fundamental. Side note: I spent years as a private caterer and worked in many spaces that were poorly planned and built.

When I had the opportunity to work in a thoughtfully designed space, it made such a huge difference!

As you embark on laying out your own kitchen with a designer, think of how you wash dishes.

Are you used to the dishwasher being situated on your right or left?

Do you like a pull-down faucet or a separate sprayer?

Do you compost?

How much recycling do you produce?

What are your small appliance storage needs?

The list goes on and on, but it is one that is so critical to making the new space super functional and feel just right.

Planning on renovating your kitchen or building a totally new one? We’d love to chat about your project!

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