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Dream laundry room in North Vancouver custom home

Oh, the laundry room.

If only we could invent a space that did the folding for our clients… one can dream!

This is one of the most hard-working spaces in the home. You’ve got moisture, dirt, then cleaning, drying, ironing – so much going on in one space.

My biggest pet peeve is when the space is designed with the washer on the right. Very few washers have right-hinged doors so this means you’ll be dealing with colliding doors when you’re loading/unloading. Argh.

Another key piece to a very ‘damp’ room is dealing with that moisture. Heat, obviously, is key, but I have been adding fans in most laundry rooms these days. With new airflow requirements, a constant running fan is mandatory, so this is a fantastic place to get the job done.

Those Lulu’s need a place to hang dry, so I’ve been installing varying hanging racks – no, not your grandma’s clothesline. There are collapsible wall mount options that provide heaps of drying space.

A good amount of folding counter is also key. Paired with an ironing board cupboard and a utility sink (think farmhouse vs. white plastic), and you’re golden!

Where possible, add natural light. Add a skylight, if a window isn’t possible. The point is to try and make this space appealing to go to.

Isn’t it also about time we moved the laundry to the floor with the bedrooms?!

Whose idea was it to put the laundry room in the basement anyway? Certainly not the one in charge of washing/folding!

With two or three flights of stairs to carry all the clothes, bedding, etc up and down. Twice. Makes no sense.

Not only does re-positioning this room eliminate useless trips, but it encourages a right-in-the-bin-right-now mentality for dealing with soiled items.

And finally, my biggest laundry room design must: Make it a space you adore. Choose a beautiful wallpaper, put motivational or cheeky art up, and add a speaker to get your groove on while folding.

PS. If you’re planning on building or renovating a home on Vancouver’s North Shore, we’d be happy to chat about your project and make sure your laundry room is as amazing as this Deep Cove custom home!

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