Mudroom in Deep Cove dream home built with top-rated construction brands

If you have kids, a dog, or live in North Vancouver like us, this room is generally a workhorse.

If possible, when Graham and I are designing a new home, we try to separate the mud and laundry rooms.

The key is who lives in the home. Dog? Kids? Tradesperson? Runner? All have unique storage needs.

I’m loving incorporating built-in doggie zones – creating a cozy nook for Fido or Garfield to make their own. It also helps to keep pet hair contained (who am I kidding?) and gives our furry family members their own sanctuary.

Next, I focus on how many people need storage. This determines whether we need an open storage situation (i.e. hooks and cubbies) or closed-in storage. As you may already know, it’s most common for kids to use a hook as they are far more likely to use it to hang things up. More often than not, eliminating steps is what will create tangible routines.

If possible, keep shoes that are used daily in an open cubby. Mudrooms are nearly always tiled (and heated), so it’s an easy spot to clean when needed and makes the shoes being tucked away more likely.

My last note is on the essential “drop zone”. Keys, wallets, cell phones… Create an easy-to-reach space that can collect all of the day-to-day items.

Oh, and I almost forgot about a vacuum kick sweep! A favourite add-on. This room needs sweeping on the daily, so why not make it a dustpan-less job?

If you’re planning on building or renovating a home on Vancouver’s North Shore, we’d be happy to chat about your project!

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