Wow, has this space become even more important as we spend more time socializing outdoors.

Homeowners on Vancouver’s North Shore are all about making the most of indoor/outdoor space, and this objective has become such a key part of many of our projects.

Connecting these two environments is typically done by creating a wide-open passageway. Achieved through solutions such as an eclipse door or a large-scale slider… The home becomes instantly larger!

The eclipse option is ideal if the patio space is large enough to forgo the 3’ needed for the doors to slide. The slider options are excellent if deck space is limited.

What’s the cost? You can expect to pay approximately $1000 per linear foot of door for these options.

To capture the outdoor space for year-round living, adding a covered pergola or attached roof structure is important as this eliminates the need to constantly remove/cover/protect your patio furniture. We are nearly always running a gas connection for a centralized firepit and adding overhead infrared heating. Sometimes even a dramatic chandelier for glamorous ambiance.

Decking surfaces are an important consideration for each client. Options range from traditional pressure-treated to concrete pavers, composite decking and porcelain. Each has its merits, and it’s very important to assess each before selecting the right product.

As the builders, and hence warranty providers, we typically present the most durable and maintenance-free options as most clients do not have the time or energy to upkeep stains and finishes. We all know our west coast weather is not terribly kind on most natural materials, and the manufactured options have become so well-designed that it is hard not to lean towards them.

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